Sound Bath


A SAJI Yoga Healing Sound Bath takes you beyond relaxation into healing.

This acoustic submersion settles the mind on an unconscious level, bringing healing to the conscious level. Each sound bath incorporates planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, chimes and other ancient sound healing instruments to build into power of vibrational medicine.

Sound energy releases stagnant energy, supports the flow of the body’s life force, and invokes higher levels of consciousness. Healing tones are intuitively chosen to support the highest healing experience for each person’s needs. All you need is a yoga mat, blanket, positive intentions and an open heart. We’ll supply refreshments, free crystals and balancing energy.

Private sound baths can be for individuals, couples or groups and can be a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, holidays, engagements, baby showers, or other celebratory events. A private sound bath also provides an unique experience for corporate retreats.

Private sound baths: 120-minute session with refreshments, 90 minutes without. $50-$75 per person. Private sound baths for up to 10 can be hosted at Trinity Health & Wellness (8474 W. 3rd St., Suite 208, Los Angeles). Download a sound bath information sheet here. Call to schedule a sound bath for groups of any size at your home or office: 213-628-9783.