SAJI Yoga is a physical, cognitive and spiritual system of healing and personal transformation focused on what we think and do on a daily basis. More than that, however, it is a movement that supports opening ourselves to our life’s purpose.

SAJI is an acronym for the four sacred practices that bring us closer to living in a state of conscious awareness and in balance with the planet and the universe:

Sound — Channeling sound vibrations to cleanse and balance energy.
Asana — Flowing through yoga poses that cultivate awareness and vitality.
Japa — Expressing positive daily affirmations that shape our lives.
Intention — Embracing introspection and trust in innate knowledge.

With SAJI Yoga we honor our mind and body and consciousness and the role each plays in achieving a more meaningful existence. Everything we need to experience happiness, we were born with. SAJI Yoga helps us remember that fact — and recognize other vital inner truths we already know.